High Performance Network

From our fully-switched gigabit network to our robotic tape library, Studio One Digital has built a performance-tuned network that maximizes throughput and minimizes downtime. Your brand’s assets comprise the vocabulary in which it speaks— and you have access to them 24/7.


Network Performance Overview
20+ TB of RAID Storage (Online)
Onsite & Offsite Disaster/Incremental Backup (Nearline & Offline)
Gigabit Network
Production Server Overview
Apple Xserve 2 X Quad Core 3.0GHz Intel Xeon
Rorke Galaxy 3G RAID w/ 8TB Capacity
Rorke RTL 8204 Tape Library with 88TB Capacity (Nearline)
Operation Server Overvie

Dell PowerEdge (5 servers consisting of 2650’s/2850’s/2950’s)
1GB-4GB RAM (Varies per server)
15 TB Storage Capacity (Combined storage of 5 servers)
Overland PowerLoader Library with 3.4TB Capacity (Nearline)