At the core of the Xinet® WebNative® Suite workflow is the digital asset management system, a visual database of graphics and document elements that can be browsed or searched, dragged into documents, reformatted and shared.

Digital Asset Management

Xinet WebNative Suite is a ready-to-browse visual database of graphics and documents that can be organized by job, by subject, by contributor. It can be searched by format, date, title – by any intrinsic data describing the file or any metadata appended to it. Accessible via browser over the local network or globally over the Internet, customizable to match any brand, and scalable to grow with the enterprise, Xinet WebNative Suite enhances the creative and production process by making work accessible 24/7.


Archived files are moved from the live workflow environment, but kept as a visible and searchable part of the DAM web server through the use of Xinet WebNative archiving software.